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Dynamic Editions

Our Dynamic Editions enable user’s to search and create their own "custom" editions - from any selection of the Publisher’s pages – instantly, in mere seconds.

The User Search interface allows the user to select their desired criteria which is then instantaneously complied – ‘on the fly’ - into a personalised "edition". This process can be repeated as many times as the user chooses, to create unlimited and unique variations of any publication, encompassing just the pages that the user requires.

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The Dynamic Editions solution encompasses a proprietary engine which
compiles the editions (with appropriate URL links/ videos per page) –
‘on the fly’ - and instantly displays the completed edition to the User.

The Search function also powers the ability to insert ‘search sensitive’
advertising pages into the edition based on the selected search criteria
of the user.

The solution also encompasses a management portal for Clients to:
• Upload and manage their pre-press pages (pages with metadata) and/or
an XML stream for each edition, through a dedicated gateway.
• Define search criteria for the search interfaces utilized by the users.
• Add unique URL’s and video/sound clips per individual pages.
• Add search sensitive advertising pages for insertion into editions based on the chosen user search criteria.

Pages can be either existing pre-press pages and/or pages automatically created from an XML feed (to static or dynamic templates).


Our Dynamic Edition solution encompasses an extensive range of advanced statistical functions.

Every Edition is tracked for an a range of statistics, in 'real-time', providing immediate opportunities to see user preferences and activities.


Real-time access to your tracking statistics
Our editions tracking sites can be access 24/7 for real-time tracking of your critical traffic statistics.

Traffic Statistcs
The traffic statistics indicate the number of editions opened, spread over any selected date and time intervals.

Geographic Statistics
Where do your readers live? Easy to find out with geographic statistics!
The statistics are sub-divided by country, region and city. The distribution is illustrated on simple lists, giving you a more precise overview.

Referrer Statistics
Find out which search engines are sending users to your editions.

Unique Number of visitors
Statistics are also provided for the unique number of visitors, as well as the total visits to any publication.