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  1. Nothing Extra to do. Our LITE portal automatically created the relevant versions of our Editions which can then be viewed on all PC, Mac and i-devices. Irrespective of whether the device has the ability to run Flash or not.
  2. Fully Mobile. Designed to work with Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and the next generation of Google Android smartphones / tablets.
  3. No APP required. Our Editions are Mobile browser enabled, so much easier to distribute than an app, with no app store approvals required. Instantly ready to view with no download required.
  4. Auto Open. Edition launch page automatically identifies the i-device and opens the appropriate version.
  5. Auto scales to device. Editions automatically scale to the user’s device.
  6. Intuitive with Swipe gesture, Tap functions and Rotation. Navigate through pages by flicking the page, double tap to zoom in/ zoom out and single tap to activate the menu bar. All functions operate in both portrait and horizontal orientation.
  7. Simple Navigation. Easy navigation with thumbnail slider.
  8. Full screen videos. Simple pinch zoom the videos to go full screen.
  9. Customized Brand banners. Clients can add custom banners to the top and bottom of the Edition’s launch page.
  10. Past editions automatically updated. All existing LITE Editions have been updated for Mobile and the same URL to the Edition can continue to be used.