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True “Digital Editions” :

  • Full viewing Online and Offline
  • Integrate any Rich Media
  • Unlimited Global Reach & Distribution
  • Dramatic Cost Savings
  • Embedded Word/Excel/PDFs for applications/Enquiries
  • Eliminate Paper Archives
  • Update at anytime
  • Dynamic Search functions
  • Extensive Tracking Reports
  • Navigational Bar with lots of options including Print
  • Strong visual impact with page-turning presentation
  • And VERY ECO – friendly as you are no longer cutting down trees and thereby preserving forests and energy

And our Digital Editions, while not only allowing unlimited distribution and dramatic savings on your traditional print and postage costs, are incredibly eco-friendly.

Internet access to double in next 5 years

26 March 2009

South Africa's internet population is expected to grow as much in the next five years as it has in the 15 years since the Internet became commercially available in South Africa.
This is among the startling conclusions contained in the Internet Access in South Africa 2008 report, released today by World Wide Worx. The report shows that the number of Internet users in South Africa grew by 12.5% to 4,6-million in 2008 - the first time since 2001 it has grown by more than 8%. The increased growth rate is expected to continue for the next five years, taking the Internet user population to the 9-million mark by 2014.

All this makes for incredibly exciting news for digital marketers who've prudently positioned themselves to ride the long awaited wave.

More reasons to go online

International Banks saving paper to conserve the environment.

As part of HSBC’s effort to conserve the environment, Red and White will only be available online from July 2009 for all Personal Internet Banking (PIB) customers. At the click of a mouse, you can continue to enjoy the convinience of receiving the latest updates from HSBC through e-mail, while helping to save paper. For non-PIB customers, you can register to be on our mailing list by logging on to www.hsbc.com.sg. So go green and do your part for the environment. Alternatively, visit our branches to pick up a copy of Red and White.

Magazine Demand for Paper to Decline Dramatically by 2020

Newsprint demand will decline by 56 per cent between 2008 and 2020, while volumes for business papers and print will also fall by 45.5 per cent according to a new report highlighted by ProPrint in their online weekly e-newsletter for the print and associated industries.

This report is the first to be launched by the Stationers' and Newspaper Makers' Company and is entitled the Future of Paper and Print in Europe 2008-2020. This report analysed demand trends for print and graphic paper grades in Western Europe.

The report, which was researched and written by Richard Harris, principal of pulp and paper consultants, NLK Associates, estimates that magazine demand could decline by 32 per cent as a result of a rise of online publishing and impact on advertising, along with the impact of digital media on the business magazine sector.

Harris said, "This is an alarm bell to those in the industry that have been blind to the problems of capacity."

Significant future trends in printing technology are likely to include digital printing processes that move into higher volume segments of the market and even greater digital integration of the creative-to-print interface.

On paper manufacturing, the report said new substrates will be introduced, such as those with intelligent capabilities using RFID inserts or specialised printing, or ones that incorporate nano-technology.

According to Harris, the market that will fare best is the advertising and commercial print sector, where volume demand is forecast to decline by only 14.5 per cent.

The downturn in print demand is impacting on the worlds' largest supplier of print machinery, Heidelberg. Their pre-tax profit nosedived by A$959million according to its 2008/09 year-end results.

Costs of Digital Editions Versus Advertising Paper Based Brochures

A Digital Edition Brochure will cost you less than:
  • What an Advertising Agency will charge for conceptualising a design for a paper based brochure
  • A one off advertisement in Magazine yet providing you with a measurable Return of Investment - refer to the Tracking
    Management Report hereunder:
  • A once off cost
  • Yet the Digital Edition Brochure can be emailed downloaded off your website limitless In addition there is a Print
    function for those rare customers that insist on a paper based brochure

Here are even more Reasons to go Digital...

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Even more Reasons to go Digital

“Drive brands with digital marketing

Marketing agencies must embrace digital marketing if they are to do full justice to the brands of which they are custodians.

So says Kevin Lourens, director of Cambrient, which specialised in integrated digital technology marketing.”

“Magazines Going to the Web to Get Students to Read"
Published: September 7, 2006

COLLEGE students are famous for their transient ways, moving frequently and rarely leaving a permanent mailing
address for magazine publishers to send subscription solicitations to.

Parsons design students could get free subscriptions to the Web version of Elle as part of a plan to attract young
readers to print magazines.

For now, some magazine publishers are settling for their e-mail address.”

“Preparing for the online marketing juggernaut in 2007"
Diane Charton

It’s that time of the year again, when marketers prepare budgets and assess objectives for the year ahead. And this
time the money is starting to flow in different directions. Unless you’ve finally managed to take that year long
sabbatical, you’ll probably know that the big news this year was the amount of money flowing into the online marketing